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Partner With The Microbial World For Human BenefitSM

We partner with the microbial world to benefit our planet using our ever-expanding microbial discovery platform.

We develop innovative biological and trait products to enhance the global food production process and feed the world responsibly.

We constantly challenge and curate the company culture to maximize happiness, innovation, and productivity.

AgBiome’s microbial collection is the invaluable heart of our platform. We start by isolating microbes from environmental samples from across the globe, then fully sequence each microbe’s genome.

From this large data set our gene and strain identification system, GENESIS™, targets candidates for pest control. These leads move down multiple research pipelines with the most efficacious biologicals and traits going to market.

New Insect Control Genes

Sequenced Genomes from Microbial Strain Collection

Active Lead Strains

AgBiome aims to be the most successful agricultural innovator ever. We measure this in three ways – the most effective products, happiest employees and highest financial returns.


“At SePRO we’re always looking for partnerships that will help solve our customers’ challenges in an innovative and sustainable manner. Our partnership with AgBiome Innovations continues that trend. The AgBiome discovery and development platform is unlike any we’ve seen, and we are excited to introduce this new technology to our customers.”
Mark Brotherton Portfolio Leader


“AgBiome has rapidly become the benchmark within our high-tech ag ecosystem which others look toward for learnings in science, talent management, and corporate culture.  As a true leader, employees of AgBiome contribute their time and advice to our programming helping the Biotech Center feature North Carolina as one of the world’s leading clusters of Agtech. ” Scott Johnson Vice President, Agriculture Sector Development


“At Syngenta Ventures, we look for companies with great teams and a business focus that can make a change, dramatically improving agriculture. AgBiome is exceptional on both fronts, but it also has a unique business model and structure that positions the company well for success.” Katrin Burt