Zio™ Fungicide, Developed by AgBiome, Receives EPA Registration

High efficacy fungicide for the turf and ornamental market

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. (March 20, 2017) – AgBiome announces today Zio™ fungicide has been approved by the EPA. This new biological fungicide will be marketed by SePRO and was developed by AgBiome, Inc.  “SePRO’s knowledge of the turf and ornamental market and expertise in commercializing products make them the perfect partner to bring our first product to these markets” says Ted Piatt, Sales Director at AgBiome Innovations.  Zio™ effectively controls economically important and problematic pathogens. This novel fungicide has multiple modes of action, no special storage requirements, and is OMRI-listed.

Zio™ is the first product from AgBiome’s pipeline which has several fungicides and insecticides in development. “Our ever-growing collection of sequenced microbes, combined with AgBiome’s proprietary screening capabilities, results in unique and powerful discoveries that will benefit horticulturists, landscapers, nursery operators and turf professionals,” says Dr. Lee Simmons, AgBiome Innovations Technical Director.

About AgBiome

AgBiome discovers and develops innovative biological and trait products for crop protection.  Their proprietary Genesis™ discovery platform comprises the world’s largest, most diverse, fully-sequenced collection of microbes, coupled to industry-best screens for insect, disease and nematode control. Better microbes. Better crops. Better world.

About SePRO
SePRO Corporation is a research-based Life Sciences Company focused on the specialty chemical and pharmaceutical industries. SePRO is recognized as an industry leader in providing the highest level of technical service to customers who operate in specialty niche markets. SePRO’s key business segments include the U.S. Aquatics Industry, Greenhouse/Nursery Markets, Professional Turf/Landscape Management and the Pharmaceutical industry, operating as ParaPRO, LLC. For more information, call 800-419-7779 (toll-free) or visit sepro.com.


Waarin micro-organismen ‘groot’ zijn / Soil Microbes to The Rescue

Bodemmicro-organismen gaan Afrikaanse boeren helpen

Sorghum staat wereldwijd op nummer 5 van de belangrijkste graangewassen, en met name dankzij Afrika. Helaas is de sorghum-oogst van veel boeren daar erg onzeker door het schadelijke onkruid Striga. Met 8 miljoen dollar subsidie van de Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gaat een internationaal team nu onderzoeken hoe microscopisch klein bodemleven bescherming kan bieden. Het Nederlands Instituut voor Ecologie (NIOO-KNAW) coördineert dit vijfjarige project.

Met een groeiende wereldbevolking en dito milieuproblemen staat de voedselproductie op Aarde onder druk. Hoe kunnen we zoveel mensen op een duurzame manier voeden? Gelukkig heeft de natuur miljarden potentiële helpers in de aanbieding, genaamd micro-organismen. Microben associëren we vaak met ziekte en verderf, maar het overgrote deel levert ons juist onmisbare diensten. Denk aan waterzuivering, afbraak van giftige stoffen en natuurlijke bescherming van planten tegen ziekten en plagen.

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AgBiome Receives Inaugural 2016 Innovation Award

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. (January 26, 2017) –  AgBiome was recently named a most innovative startup by AgFunder as part of its Innovation Awards, a program created to recognize companies introducing transformative technology to drive agriculture forward. The awards are the first of their kind to recognize leadership in agri-tech innovation from around the globe.

AgFunder, a leading online ag investment platform, introduced the inaugural awards program last year. The winners were based on peer nominations from its global network of 25,000 and spanned novel crop inputs, robotics and AI, supply chain efficiency, precision ag and more. AgBiome was one of 23 companies to be awarded in five categories, and one of five recognized in the “Most Innovative U.S. Startups at Series A and Beyond” category.

“We are delighted to be recognized with this award from AgFunder,” says Ted Piatt, director of sales and distribution strategy, AgBiome. “Agriculture needs effective new products with novel modes of action. Our team discovers and delivers new biologicals and traits to enhance food production and help growers’ bottom line.”

Adds Louisa Burwood-Taylor, head of media at AgFunder, “These awards are the first of their kind to recognize leadership in agri-tech innovation from around the globe. We want to recognize the innovators that are leading the next wave of technological advancement in agriculture and solving some of the supply chain’s major challenges.”

AgBiome’s proprietary Genesis™ discovery platform, which includes the world’s largest microbe collection, has already successfully identified multiple field-active microbes that target both foliar and root diseases of major row crops, with significant environmental advantages. AgBiome, through its go-to-market business unit Innovations, is introducing its first commercial product in 2017. This biological fungicide controls a broad spectrum of soil-borne and foliar diseases and demonstrates efficacy levels as good as leading synthetic chemical fungicides.