Natarajan “Bala” Balachander

Natarajan "Bala" Balachander
Business Development

Natarajan “Bala” Balachander has over two decades of experience in the ag industry developing new polymer technologies for seed treatments and seed enhancements. He started his career with the Landec Corporation as a polymer chemist working on novel temperature-activated Intellicoat® polymer coatings for seeds and led efforts to develop and commercially launch a number of new to the industry products. He then managed Landec Ag’s seed coating business as Vice President and General Manager. In 2012, Landec Ag was acquired by INCOTEC, where Bala began as VP and General Manager and later became President of INCOTEC Field Crops North America, managing its commercial business for row crops in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Bala got his B.Sc and M.S degrees from Delhi University, and a doctorate in Chemistry from Case Western Reserve University. He also held Research Associate positions at Emory University and the University of Louisville prior to joining Landec.

In his spare time, Bala likes to play and watch tennis and golf, travel with his family, and work on the photos he takes while traveling with his family.

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